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Caddo Parish School Board


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Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Ed\Documents\WEB\Production\dot1.gifCPSB Cellular Services RFP – 18C-13 – Due: November 20, 2012

·         An eligible response to this RFP will provide a digital cellular service and a wireless Internet Data service on both existing and devices procured through this RFP process to support operational efficiency, emergency operations, Parish communications throughout the Parish and within the Parish facilities.

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Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Ed\Documents\WEB\Production\dot1.gif CPSB Student Access Services RFP – 21S-13 – Due: November 20, 2012

·         CPSB Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program.  The goal of this program is to provide students the Internet services required to support their educational initiatives in school and at school facilities for their personnel devices.

·         CPSB Student Access Program.  The goal of this program is to ensure all students have Internet Access and Learning Devices at home and at school.  This program will leverage the strategy of standardization of devices and services to infuse the practices and processes of utilizing the technology at school and at home into the teaching and learning model.  The infusion point for the program will be sixth (6th) grade.

·         Provide 250 Mbps, scalable to 500 Mbps, Internet Bandwidth and transport to the District Student Internet Demarcation (demarc) site in Northwood High School, 5939 Old Mooringsport Road, 71107.  This solution should provide IP address space, DNS, and high performance Internet for BYOD and student assigned devices.

·         CPSB Addendum 1

·         CPSB Addendum 2

·         CPSB Addendum 3



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